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Let me be sad

Let me be sad

Kristin Heitmann and Marie Lavis
ISBN 978-3-948362-01-0
Price in Germany: 14,90 €
First published: 1. November 2019
All rights with appp media

Thread stitching
40 pages
Size: 22 x 22 cm
Paper: Kamiko FSC zertifiziert
Printed by: Memminger MedienCentrum

Extract (PDF)


»Let me be sad« is a story about the big and sometimes overwhelming feeling of sadness.  It is a story written with the intention of helping children to acknowledge, organize and put words to their sadness in an effort to help them cope when they find themselves feeling this emotion.

The story follows its main character through their expression of sadness and culminates in a hopeful message that, in time, and with the space to feel, things will be easier one day.  Although »Let me be sad« is a children’s book, the message, combined with its powerful illustrations, is sure to resonate with the hearts and minds of adults.

»Let me be sad« was first published in November 2019 both in English and German. The title of the German version is »Lass mich einfach traurig sein«.
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Let me be sad – Author Kristin Heitmann

Kristin Heitmann

Kristin is working as an author, app publisher and primary school teacher. Her passion are children, education and emotional growth in the context of digital or not.

»Let me be sad« is her first book. After 8 years in the app business as founder and owner of a kids app publishing company she moves to traditional publishing on paper.

Let me be sad – Illustrator Marie Lavis

Marie Lavis

Being French and Belgian, Marie spent one year at the Atelier de Sèvres (Paris) before graduating from HEAD school (Geneva) in visual communication in July 2018.

She now works as freelancer, mainly as an illustrator and animated films director. Her projects are diversified: children books, animated video clips, posters, murals, exhibitions …

She works as much as possible with the music field, through animated videoclips, festival posters, editorial illustration for jazz magazines etc. since this is one of her biggest passions, source of inspiration, and freedom space.